Watch how a puppy damaged door from West Virginia, undergoes a repair by our Company.

The video above will demonstrate how our repair product stands up to a heat gun. We offer a lifetime guarantee that parts you have repaired by us, will not delaminate down the road.


In this short video you will see how a badly damaged Thermofoil Door undergoes a repair by us. One entire corner was severely chewed by the family pet but after a multi-step repair the door was good enough to be reinstalled in the kitchen.


Before and After. Watch an Island Peninsula with torn Thermofoil and center panel delamination, undergo repair by one of our Technicians.


Many doors are sent to us for repair specifically because a) the homeowner is no longer able to locate the door profile shape (often after months of searching) and b) because the original Thermofoil color in the kitchen or bathroom has changed color (turning darker or more yellow). In either case, the Homeowner is left with replacing all the doors to match, or have mismatched pieces in one room. Our repair Service has helped many Homeowners across the country.